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Unban appeal (InYour_Spotlight)
Why were you banned? mine-cart creative grief

Who banned you?  Jman

Why would you like to be unbanned? i have no other servers that are fun and i miss my pets i have no friends online anymore and i wanna see my old friends

Plead your case: i was mad cause of one of the people who were bullying me (forgot there name) and i haven't been on for a long time and i want to return it was an amazing server and i regret doing it  Sad  i won't do it again i just wanna see spotty and meet up with cheetahz if she still plays

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RServer was founded back in early 2013 with the old name, RatedServer, by Rated. Since then the server has grown into a fairly lively community with many regular players on the Minecraft server, and a Steam group with over 100 members.