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Why were you banned?

Who Banned you?

Why would you like to be unbanned?
because if not i loose all faith in humanity and will probs never play minecraft again seeing as this is the only server i play on besides CS witch is still in development and nobody but me and bean get on 2 work on survival

Plead your case:
1. my only hacking client that worked on 1.11 and up was impact 1.11.2 which had a broken xray
2. i haven't had any other offences in hacking EVER
3. my rescourse pack file is empty
4. u have no other evidence, witnesses, or pictures of me using xray
5. you cant say a mine from a month ago is more evidence than this and technically this is my 1st time being accused and banned for hacking

Finally ? jeff

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I'll unban you for now, but this is your last warning. If anything fishy happens again involving hacked clients, x-ray or whatnot, the next ban will be permanent.
[Image: XG3GWqF.png]

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