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Dankness scale
Hallo. Today im gonna introduce something ive been thinking about for a while. Its a dankness scale. So basically what this is, its very similar to Glitch's "Hate point race". Its a scale of 0-1337. your goal is to get to 1337 to become  as dank as me. To earn points, whenever im online and someone says something dank such as, "We are number one", you get dank points. And i wont add any on if you spam memes for points. try to keep it at least 1 a minute. Every time you join, you automatically get 5 points for coming on rserver. So, how do you lose points? So there are a few ways:
Spamming memes - 3 points every spam
Saying something undank or uncool - 12 points
just being uncool in general - 21 points
Your nick and username can affect you - 40 points
and more ways.
But there are ways to gain a lot.

joining rserver - 5 points
Saying something dank - 10 points
Donating - 100 points
Having a dank nick/username - 50 points
and a few more.

And here is an example of an idea of how dank you are

0: you lost and you cant get up anymore
100: you are very undank and cancerous!!!11111
200: stop dabbing will ya
300: that meme is dead. try again
400: sorry, not dank enuf for meh
500: you forgot to smoke your 420
600: eh, we all make mistakes
700: pretty average for a dank guy
800: that meme really got me
900: your dat boi m88
1000: gettin closer m9
1100: your an offical 360 noscopr!!11!!1
1200: you- i mean we are number 1
1300: hook me up of what you have been smokin
1337: ayyy welcome to teh krew.

So everyone starts out at 700 points. Starting NOW you can get points. this will go on till i feel like it should stop.
May the dank be with you
and good luck 2 all!!!1!11!1!

sorry forgot to add this: ONLY 69 POINTS ALLOWED TO BE EARNED DAILY\
btw to see what ur points are, come to x 534 z 1457 in plot world
Drop the mic miek is out
That's lit.
I believe in you!

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