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Staff Application
What rank do you want to be and why?
 I want to be a moderator but whatever I get I'll use it to help the server and its people! And thats also why I want it. I live stream with a moderator on the server, and we get new members so the rank is a way to help them and others on the server.

How long have you been playing on the server(s)?
More than a month.

What do other members think of you?
Other members say I am sweet, kind and smart. I also have a staff member who has given me permission to use them as proof that I would be a good staff member. This staff member is a moderator named cavilog. They also go by winterclient/gliavoc.

What would you do to improve the community/server(s)?
I'll be around to help the players, watch them for exploits/hacks but generally ill be an active staff member that's around to help the people in the server to have an amazing time. Also, I will help stop wolfram and winter from spamming chats with hugs!!!!!!!!!

What games do you play other than Minecraft?
Other than minecraft I play games like. Skyrim, and GTA5. But my go to game if you may is minecraft.

How old/mature are you? i ain't no ageist
I am currently 16. I am very mature for my age.

How often do you play on the server(s)?
Everyday 3-4 hrs a day.

Do you have Steam? If so, what is your username?

I know this is not needed, but I would also like to say that I have previously been staff on another server, I was staff for about 2 and a half years I started as a helper and went from helper-moderator-admin and when I left I was about to send in a staff promotion letter. The reason why I am not staff on that server is because of a mistake on their end! I had sent an absence post due to having irl issues at the time and I said I would be off for about 2 weeks. And then 3 days later I got demoted for inactivity stating I was offline for months. But during that time I have learned the fine line between being strict and being kind i've dealt with a lot of hard choices from having to ban a friend to having to put out punishments I did not agree with,  but I have past those stages, so saying that I think no I know I would be a great asset to the team by the fact that I have experience.                      By. -enve14 in reference to my staff application. thanks for viewing Smile

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RServer was founded back in early 2013 with the old name, RatedServer, by Rated. Since then the server has grown into a fairly lively community with many regular players on the Minecraft server, and a Steam group with over 100 members.