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What's the diference between an application server and a web server?
Hi i think i can explain it in batter way
1.Web server manage and execute web applications(war)
where as in Application server it manage and execute web applications (war),Ejb components (jar) and enterprise Applications (Ear).
2.Web Server uses only Servlet Container, Jsp container.
where as in application Server uses Servlet Container ,Jsp container ,Ejb Container.
3.web server Developed based on servlet ,Jsp technologies of JEE module.
where as Application Server devloped based on Servlet, Jsp,Ejb,Jms,Jta,Java mail of JEE.
4. Web server supports only http,https protocol
Application server supports http,https,iiop,rmi protocols.
5. web server Suitable for Small scale and medium scale web applications.
Application server Generally used for large scale.
6.Example of different webservers are Tomcat(Most popular), JWS,Reisn.
Different Application Servers are Weblogic,Jboos,Websphere
application Server=Web server+ Ejb Container+Mail Server +other middle were Services

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