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Random Screenshots - HopefulPhoenix - 05-03-2017

So uh, I'm just gonna leave all these screenshots here, and i did take all of these over the past, I dunno, 1-5 months.

*Note: Some of these go as evidence for someone's ban, and this post is not going against anyone at all. This is simply helping me keep record without losing space and for, uh, entertainment purposes? I will make a separate post if if feel like this "evidence" needs to be used, for now i will compile a lot more screenshots ;D

RE: Random Screenshots - TheMainMike - 06-03-2017

i swear if my mom sees this stuff

RE: Random Screenshots - Vanderhoff - 28-04-2018

My gosh, do they kiss their mother with that mouth? That's just filthy. It's also hilarious lol.