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BEHOLD. FloralFell's Staff App
*Cracks knuckes and takes a deep breath* This is the moment I've been waiting for...

What rank do you want to be and why?
I want to be a Moderator, Jeff's extras have given me life on this server and I want to help create these shenanigans. I also want to extend my responsibilities, and learn more about how to be a good social butterfly - if that makes sense.

How long have you been playing on the server(s)?
Specifically RServer, about a year, Minecraft itself... Almost 3 years now.

What do other members think of you?
I personally feel like the majority of members are fine with me, and consider me a friend...

What would you do to improve the community/server(s)?
Provide entertainment and help for the whole of the community!

What games do you play other than Minecraft?
Ha, ha... ha. What are these other games you speak of?

How old/mature are you? i ain't no ageist
I feel like I'm more mature than my age group. So um, Young Teen? Big Grin

How often do you play on the server(s)?
Very often! I'll be on Hypixel, Mineplex, or RServer during the afternoon on weekdays, and on the weekends, well, I'll almost be online all day.

Do you have Steam? If so, what is your username?
I have steam in hopes of finding another game, I can't live on Minecraft forever. The username is flamingfuryphoenix.

Thanks for applying!
[Image: XG3GWqF.png]
I should've added the actual games I play other than minecraft, but here it is:
Osu, Slime Rancher, Undertale
So, woop.

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RServer was founded back in early 2013 with the old name, RatedServer, by Rated. Since then the server has grown into a fairly lively community with many regular players on the Minecraft server, and a Steam group with over 100 members.