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Very Important Message
Blue sucks
I am NOT over the overweight browser extension that feeds your unsaved calculatory negotiation with your lawsuit auctioneer
Your signature is wrong, you do jack shit as a OP. I'm clearly the best.
BlueMonkeyz, Rserver monkey  Cool
This is a hard choice.... Jeff creates all the extras that keep people on the server and Monk is actually responsible... Hmm...
About time Jeff. Btw your so right with your signature.
BlueMonkeyz, Rserver monkey  Cool
K Then Jeff

BTW Blue I will 1v1 you someday, someday.
Mineplex and Hypickle are the servers I will mostly go on! Smile
You wanna 1v1? You know I would slap you.
BlueMonkeyz, Rserver monkey  Cool

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RServer was founded back in early 2013 with the old name, RatedServer, by Rated. Since then the server has grown into a fairly lively community with many regular players on the Minecraft server, and a Steam group with over 100 members.