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Hello everyone! I'm thinking of hosting server meetings on Skype every so often where we will talk about stuff regarding the server and its community. By doing this we will start to get an understanding of what players want to make their experience on RServer better and more fun for them.

Please post on this if you think it's a good idea and why or if it's a bad idea and again say why.

If you wish you can copy this template or make your own:
Good idea:

BlueMonkeyz, Rserver monkey  Cool
Good Idea: With these meetings, the staff can get a better grasp on what is going on with the citizens of RServer. Since it is on Skype, this can be quick and easy for everyone to access. If this Skype meeting idea gets the green light, then maybe the people of RServer MIGHT get to bond a little better since we are all in a call.

I hope this comment helps this Skype meeting idea happen Big Grin
SirBacon, The server's Crispy Morning Food Big Grin
Thanks for your feedback, I will be speaking to Rated about it and see if this happens!
BlueMonkeyz, Rserver monkey  Cool
Sounds good. Possibly. Maybe. I miss RServer GMod.
[Image: XG3GWqF.png]
R.I.P Rserver Gmod
BlueMonkeyz, Rserver monkey  Cool

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RServer was founded back in early 2013 with the old name, RatedServer, by Rated. Since then the server has grown into a fairly lively community with many regular players on the Minecraft server, and a Steam group with over 100 members.